My Personal Thoughts On Children's Development

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Over the past few weeks through numerous discussions, debates, the use of videos, documentaries and even experiencing some play ourselves we have looked the many different issues within early childhood and analysed these through a number of different perspectives and theories. Throughout this essay I will reflect on how my thinking has changed and been shaped by these discussions over these few weeks and how this new knowledge will impact my future regarding children and the approach I may choose to take when working with them. This essay is primarily a focus on the key person who work with a small number of children and will be there to help not only when they first start school but throughout their time together and who also inform the child’s parents of how they handing school life, any progress they have made since starting and any problems they seem to be having. I will discuss my own personal thoughts and feelings towards this role in a children’s setting and whether I agree that this is necessary in helping children adjust to the school environment and encourages the child’s development not only educationally but socially as well. During discussions early on I was unaware of the role of a key person and their importance during a child’s transition from the home environment to an early years setting. The Early years setting is considered a place that gives children a chance to become involved in different relationships with people which differ to those relationships
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