My Personal Tips For College Essay

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My Personal Tips to be Successful in College and Life. Choosing where you want to attend for college is a one of the most stressful choice you have to make for your future. As a freshman in college it was difficult to choose where I wanted to attend for various reason like the learning environment and the courses offered. But after making comparisons between so many schools I chose to attend WATC. After making the transition from high school to college I, thought I was fully prepared for what college was going to be like, but instead I was wrong. When the time got closer to take my first exam for my microbiology class, I was struggling with managing my time to balancing my homework, work, friends, family, and other personal time. And as a result I received one of the worst grades I had ever gotten in a long time. Graduating with honors in high school, being on top of my class, while being involved in my school, sports, my community, and working. I started to get very worried and stressed about everything I was going through in that moment. And began to question myself if I was making the right decision for everything and I ended up realizing I needed to make changes to how well I was managing my time and making a schedule to stay on track with all my tasks. This is why I belive in order to be successful in college you must learn to manage your time by getting into the habit of developing a time schedule to help you achieve your goals. You can began by determining the goals
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