My Personal Understanding Of Leadership

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My personal understanding of leadership in this class began first when we were assigned to read Grunig’s discussion of the Theory of Excellence. This discussion was a detailed paper outlining Grunig’s personal opinion on how to achieve excellence through individual and group participation. According to Grunig, he mentions five areas that public relations is developing which includes public relations becoming a management function, public relations involving more strategic counseling, public relations being backed by more scholarly knowledge, public relations becoming more global and more diverse in gender and race. In addition to Grunig’s five trends, a current trend that is gaining a lot more traction as the years go by and technology…show more content…
When creating a positive image, a company has to make sure they have a stable and responsible group of people heading each project related to public relations. This is where a dominant coalition can come in handy. A dominant coalition equates to the most trusted and respected supervisors in a PR firm. According to Grunig, the senior PR managers would be considered the dominant coalition of an organization because they have access to the highest and most powerful managers in the company. These senior PR managers are also the ones who will make the final decisions on any project, task or strategic strategy in an organization. Essentially, anyone who is a part of the dominant coalition is looked to as a guide and a leader when it comes to directing a company towards its full potential. A term that Grunig used that I was unaware of when I first read his article was requisite variety and the importance it has in a company’s image. According to Grunig, requisite variety is the diversity a company has in its work environment in order to meet the needs of multiple assorted publics. Basically, without any form of requisite variety a company would lack the skills and connections needed to reach all points of a general audience. This term allows a company to understand and reach all different kinds of people just from the
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