My Personal Writing : My Experience In My Writing

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In my experience over the past year, or even multiple years if I am considering my whole
High School career, I have never thought of myself as a sophisticated or even well-developed writer. Throughout my years at North Kitsap, English class has never been my strong suit, mathematics is where I am meant to be. I started out the year often using personal pronouns, weak intensifiers, and spelling/grammar errors. Now at the end of the year I have learned to stop those from occurring as well as using more formal diction and more rhetorical devices as I write. This year I believe my writing has gained sophistication due to all the essays assigned my Mrs. Dunbar. The experience obtained from all the essays has given my recent and will give my future essays higher quality content which will prolong my writing in a stronger direction. Throughout the year in AP Lang we have tirelessly practiced and completed at least fifteen timed writes. Rhetorical analysis, argumentative, and argument with sources (AWS) were all the types we had been practicing, considering these were the ones on the AP exam. I have ADHD which interrupts my listening and ability to focus in class. I guess this could explain the absence of well written essays and timed writes I have completed. I am just clueless as to what goes on and that must impact my school life as well. The effect not listening in class has on your grades and even how you perform toward everyday class assignments is astonishing. I have
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