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Unlike Orwell, I have not grown up with the desire to become a writer. However, I do believe that writing is an important skill. Over the years, I have learned how to combine my love for animals with writing. I grew up in a house filled with animals. We had two dogs, including a slobbering, bellowing bloodhound, two cats, turtles, and a spiky bearded dragon named Max. My first word was an attempt to say dog, and my best friend was my dog, Rocky, a rescue mutt. I have been an animal lover since the beginning. Even the books I read showed my love for animals. My favorite series was about a family who fostered dogs called The Puppy Place. I wanted to write a book just like that one. When I was younger, I tried, only to reach ten pages before discovering how difficult the task actually was. In elementary, I wrote poems about animals and papers about my pets. I enjoyed researching and writing about killer whales for a third grade report. As entertaining as these assignments were, they did not improve my writing. In middle school, I learned how to apply grammar rules to my papers. This turned my rambling reports into emphatic essays that were more than just words on a piece of paper. In high school, I was required to show the skills I had learned by writing an original speech. In ninth grade, I wrote about how horrible dogs were being treated in puppy mills. Sophomore year, I wrote about how abusive the Iditarod was for the sled dogs being forced to participate. The Iditarod is a one thousand mile plus dog sled race run in temperatures far below freezing. For both of these topics, I wanted to inform people about problems occurring in today's society. There are several factors that motivate me to write. One, like my speech projects, is raising awareness about injustices and persuading people to do something about them. This motive, as defined by George Orwell, is called political purpose. It is one of the strongest incentives that compels me to write. Another thing that motivates me, is practicing in order to become a better writer. When I graduate from high school, I want to be able to write well so that I can be successful in college and eventually in my career. I am also driven to write for the sake of

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