My Personal Writing : My Writing Process Of Writing

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Lyudmila Kyrylyuk
Michaela Cooper
English 50
September 25, 2017
My writing process
I would describe the writing process I experienced through my learning years as very limited and poor in skills. I can definitely say that my writing techniques and methods are simple and basic. Since English is not my primary language I feel really pressured by this subject and I'm expecting too much from myself. I remember when I was in 8th grade at the beginning stage of learning a new language, my English teacher focused mainly on teaching her students how to spell the words correctly, show the proper grammar, and form the correct structural sentence organization. The difficulty I am experiencing in writing any essay is the language barrier and not
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I could say that waiting in prewriting process is okay to experience and putting the project off until the right moment comes along and signals to begin. During that time it helps me to discover more about the topic, do more deep researching to find out more on what I am about to write and get familiar with ideas in my head. I try to share my opinions with my siblings or my friends and see it from their perspective and take their advice into consideration. I try to wait on how to form the first sentences as I believe it is the key to the following sentences and so on. When I feel the strong connection to the first sentences than my motivation comes from that small achievement into the rest of the first draft.
When I have an essay to write I make sure to pick a day that I am not busy. My children are in school and my house is quiet. I turn off my cell phone and any other noise distraction which breaks my mind concentration. Before I start I make sure my brain is not tired and well rested so it would not feel disoriented or losses focus during the process. In the beginning of the writing I usually get stuck on the first line because of a habit of uncertainty by going back and revising before I actually complete the whole sentence. I try constantly and instantly to re-read what I wrote and make instant changes. I would reconstruct phrases by switching them around to different places or reword any unlike words. There were days that
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