My Personal Writing

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One improvement in my writing is that in my journals I write in a way that shows off my personality. Writing journals allows me to write what I want because the topics are flexible most of the time. My journals express my thoughts and feelings on the topic and sometimes it helps me feel better after writing about the stressful things that happened that week. In my fifth journal for round three I wrote about one summer I went to Romania and I went on a trip with my cousins and “One time on the train I had to go to the bathroom so I went to look for it and when I found it I was like nevermind I don’t have to go anymore, everything was broken and so dirty you could barely see the tiles…”. This sentence is worded to show off my personality and how I voice things, I was describing my experience and described it in my own words. Journals allow for individual interpretations of the topic, it gives me a choice on what to write about and I can write in a way that expresses how I feel. I feel that I have improved on being able to express my thoughts and feelings in my journal to make it more emotional and to show off my personality and my voice through my writing style.
I still have many weaknesses in my writing as can be seen in my Into the Wild paper. I did not have a good introduction paragraph, it was very vague and my thoughts did not come together smoothly. Also throughout the paper I did not stay on topic and I did not use very good quotes to back up my statements. One of my
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