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Speaking is one of the communication methods for people to convey their ideas. On average, people speak around 16000 words a day (Huynh). On the other hand, writing is a more formal and concise way of communication than speaking. However, a person need to practice in order to write well. Throughout years, its writing habit developed, writing style progressed, and writing content varied. In this essay, I would reflect on my own writing process now, how my writing progressed throughout three years in PRISMS, and On Writing.
Writing starts with thinking about a prompt. I think about what I want to say based on what I learn in the novel. Planning The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn essay, for example, I noticed that Huck’s emotion descriptions
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I would read through the introduction thoroughly, especially the hook. I try my best to think of interesting things, daily situations, or striking statistical facts related with my topic. For instance, in The Great Gatsby essay, I used the statistic of PTSD to grab readers’ attentions on the topic and guide them to question how PTSD related with Gatsby. After the first revision, I would give myself another day, leaving the essay alone, and make it more concise.
Writing habits do not form in days, and my writing process, quality, and style progressed. I came to PRISMS in ninth grade, knowing nothing about writing essays. In China, I never wrote any formal English essay. I learned the process of writing an English essay from the basics in my first essay for To Kill a Mockingbird. Ms. Hedman, my ninth grade English teacher, guided us to brainstorm ideas, to form thesis statements, to annotate and list out important quotations, and to use MLA format. In tenth grade, Mr. Johnson focused on the body paragraph structure and emphasized on how to use quotations in it. For each quotation, a sentence introduces the situation in book the quotation comes from before the quotation, a sentence analyzing the quotation after citing the quotation, and a sentence connecting the quotation to the topic sentence. Mr. Johnson pointed out that we should care about how readers would feel reading the quotation and what they can get from it and wrote it in the analysis. That is the first
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