My Personal Writing : The Importance Of Writing

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As the years continue to pass, writing gains more importance and becomes unavoidable in our daily lives. Whether the task is to create a groundbreaking law or to verify one’s personal identity, one must write it down in ink or type it out on a computer. For me, writing has settled down as an important aspect of my life. If I’m not typing down an email for my classes or composing another article for the newsletter committee at my high school, I’m writing down the fictional stories that wander around my head. I constantly jot down what pops up in my mind or what’s imperative at the moment. Whether I’ve mastered the art of writing or not, however, is another story entirely. My writing skills still lack in some aspects; I can’t help but wonder…show more content…
When I finish compiling information pertinent to the other members, I email the school administrators and other officers about the newsletter’s distribution and conjure weekly reminders for the committee. Due to my dedication to committee work, writing has become a necessary job that has to be completed to produce a newsletter for my high school.
On the other hand, writing provides a getaway from my life. When I’m not overwhelmed by the strains of work, I whip out my smartphone, open my writing application, and continue a story that I thought of long ago. I escape the ominous impression of deadlines and settle into fictional worlds where time seems to fly. Instead of furiously creating another report for a meeting, I type down what images come into mind and try my best to describe the scene replaying in my mind. The only concerns I have when writing recreationally are the details’ sufficiency and the plotline’s realism. I tend to create the story as I tap on the screen, but it helps me drift off into a world where my performance remains unjudged and ungraded. With the help of incessant fantasizing and occasional breaks, writing helps me go to another world and escape the burdens of reality. While writing is the primary aspect of work, it’s also my go-to source of relaxation.
Though I write constantly, I’m admittedly

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