My Personality And The Personality

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Personality is a combination of factors in human beings, that is the expression of inner value, learned reaction to others, life experience and beliefs. Our life is shaped by our personality, lifestyles, and gender. I make a connection with many people in my daily life. Those connections have a positive or negative impact in my life. I am an extroversion personality. I have a strong feeling of wanting to find out about something new. I like to ask a lot of questions, because that is the way, I get new knowledge. I am being aware of through questions to collect information. I like to discuss matters from A to Z. Some they encourage me by giving satisfactory answer, and others, they give me warning not to ask too much questions again. That…show more content…
Some of my classmates were starting to work. I was stopped with my paper and pencil. The professor didn’t recognize the classrooms were made up of different learning styles. I am a visual learner, and I have trouble remembering verbal instruction. I am straggling to remember verbal instructions. I prefer to receive paper instructions rather than verbal instruction. Even though, the classroom was not fit my learning style, I was ok to ask questions to get help. Other sides of my personality affect my relationship with others. We are born as unique, no one looks alike. Some of my personality has excellent quality, and other side of my personality is lower quality. Therefore, those differences have a positive or negative impact in my life. Susan Cain, an American writer and lecturer, and author of the non-fiction book Quiet: argue that tough and nice are the two extremes of the volume of a TV “I’ve never seen anyone so nice and so tough at the same time,” she said. Both characters are incomputable. Those characters tough and nice never relate each other, but it is possible to find in one’s life. This show, it is impossible to change with your rooted personality. I have many good qualities, and lack of good characters in my life. I am a thin skin personality. Taking criticism is hard for me. It is hard to accept Criticism from others. It is right to make room, but I can’t. Especially, for those close to me it is hard to accept it. I think

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