My Personality Assessment At The Same Time

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I found my IPIP personality assessment to be pretty accurate, while I was surprised by the results of certain personality traits. The first trait extraversion was my highest scoring personality trait; I figured this would be the case. I really enjoy interacting with people. Within this trait the facets I scored high in were friendliness, gregariousness, activity level, and excitement-seeking. Of these facets I was surprised that my activity level score was only an eighty because I work out almost every day and have club basketball practice twice a week. I would have figured this score would have been higher. With regards to my gregariousness I am surprised that I scored a ninety-nine, I figured that it would be a high score but not …show more content…

Within conscientiousness I scored low on dutifulness with a twenty-eight. This is concerning to me, because I am going into a profession that is all about duty and service. I always feel like trying my best but I only scored an achievement-striving score of fifty-six which is average. These two scores concern me, because in less than a year and a half I will commission, and the profession of arms is a serious enterprise.
I score low on Neuroticism with a fourteen, and to me that is a good thing. Scoring low on this trait reveals that I am “exceptionally calm, composed and unflappable. [I] do not react with intense emotions, even to situations that most people would describe as stressful” (IPIP). I think that this is great, since as a leader and hopefully a fighter pilot I will be put in high stress high intensity situations. Being calm and steady will help keep my people from getting unnerved during times of high stress. Additionally I believe having that cool calm demeanor will give me credit with people, because a lot of people it seems want to follow a leader like that. The one concerning facet of this trait is my self-consciousness. I scored average on this section with a thirty-nine. While in many ways this good for giving briefs and public speeches, this worries me, because I lack awareness about how my words and actions cause others to form opinions of me. Finally I scored a one for openness. This means “I like to think in plain and simple terms.

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