My Personality Assessment Of Personality Assessments

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ENFJ – My Personality Assessment Jacqueline Perez-Hicks Oklahoma Wesleyan University ENFJ - My Personality Assessment Personality assessments can serve as valuable tools to determine personality types, and subsequently allow us to understand certain behavior patterns. My own personality assessment revealed that I have an ENFJ personality type; I am an extrovert; have a preference of intuition over sensing; have a preference of feeling versus thinking; and have a preference of judging over perceiving (Jung, n.d.). The results of my assessment were quite revealing, mostly accurate, with room for interpretation. Real-time circumstances and the environment have a direct impact on my behavior. According to Revelle and Condon (2015) “People differ from themselves on a moment to moment basis in that they do not think, feel or act the same all the time. They change in their feelings, in their thoughts, in their desires and in their actions.” In this summary I will present the parallels I discovered between the results of my assessment and the personality traits I feel I possess. I will also present my strengths and weaknesses as they relate to each personality type code, E, N, F, and J, and how my preferences in how I think and behave, can both positively and negatively impact my environment. Extraversion I would classify myself as extremely extraverted and feel quite comfortable in all settings, and in either large or small groups. I
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