My Personality Profile Of An Injf

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After taking the Jung Typology Test, I found validation concerning the ways I perceive myself, and my husband also recognized the close match. My personality profile per the Jung Typology Test revealed my category as an INJF (introvert, intuitive, judging feeling), with the highest percentage being 56% at ‘judging’ and the lowest referring to ‘feeling’ at 6%. The score for my ‘introversion’ shows at 50% and ‘intuitiveness’ at 31%, leaving me certain about the accurateness of the results. Overall, the outcome describes definitive traits I have, with little if anything I would honestly disagree with, and I can see not only strengths, but also weaknesses for such a personality type. Personality profiling has its advantages, with the understanding that it is not meant to be a mold that one is to fit into perfectly, and as a Christian one is still to rely on God’s Word to comprehend the purpose of diversity among humanity. The personality profile of an INJF definitely seems to portray a truthful portrait of who I am, with only one mentioned aspect that does not seem to completely match. The overarching aspect of this type is the “complexity of character” (Butt & Heiss, n.d.), reminding me that my mother has described me as enigmatic. INFJ’s display a strong idealistic nature, and a yearning to help those less fortunate, or are in need of help. However, due to the powerful sense of giving to others, a person can be left feeling emotionally depleted and needing alone time to

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