My Personality Profile Of Entj

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As humans beings we are always interested to understanding what makes us perform the way we do in our daily lives. The Meyers-Briggs personality type test gives us a glimpse into ourselves. This paper will discuss the different aspects of my personality profile of ENTJ (Extravert, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging), plus the characteristics and validity of each personality type and its temperament; in my case is NT “The Rationals”, who love knowledge, ENTJ - "The Fieldmarshals". It will also discuss the strengths and how to utilize the weakness so they become strengths and can become part of my balanced life when dealing with peers, employees and management on an individual and group level. Needs work Step 1Good use of headings; makes it easier to follow your presentation Personality Type: ENTJ Psychological Typing (PT) tool was developed in 1921 to help us understand our personality and of those that we encounter in our daily lives. This tool was developed by Carl Jung with Katharine C. Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers and consist eight personality types. The tool improves the understanding of our own strengths and weakness, and enables us to see who we really are as individuals how we operate. In turn it helps us to see the value in people who have a different personality type than ours own. According to Carl Jung, “there are two basic kinds of “functions” which humans used in their lives: how we take in information (how we "perceive" things), and how we
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