My Personality Traits Of A Person, Employee, Manager, And Manager

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In this paper, I will be evaluating my personality traits in attempts to acquire more familiarization about myself as a person, employee, and manager. After assessing my personality kind, I will critique in detail how each of my personality characteristics fit me. In this paper, readers will learn more about me as a person due to the results I receive from the Jung Typology Test. These results will help readers in digesting myself, and will help me learn more about my organization behaviors to make me a better employee, and co-worker.Still need work Jung Typology Outcome Extravert 3% Prior to participating in this activity, on the introvert/extrovert spectrum, I would see myself being more extraverted. I prefer to be alone, at peace, and relaxed. When I am relaxed and have much energy, I find things to do. I don’t like to be alone to for prolong periods of time, and I don’t like to be around others for a long time neither. The test was very accurate because it states I have marginal differences between being introverted and extroverted. An extrovert is someone who soaks the energy from outside sources. For example, an extroverted person is someone who is very personable, as more people come around; they are more comfortable, and energized, as they begin to enter their preferred natural state of comfort. I myself am in the middle of that. While at work, I notice when no employees are in the office, I am relaxed, and at peace, but at the same time, I find myself
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