My Personality Traits : Perseverance And Time Management

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I wanted to look at two traits – Perseverance and Time Management. I collected data from two sources.
1. Self-reported data on time spent and perceived quality for identified recruitment activities
2. Feedback from two individuals who worked closely during the process
The self-reported data pointed to the fact that reporting and tracking the data in itself caused a rise in quality of my recruitment activities. The feedback pointed to the fact I was perceived to be above average for both the traits.
I realize that intervention effects are strong enough to change behaviors. On a professional and personal front, this presents me an tool to operate in the future. From an organization’s point of view, data collection on its employees is a time consuming and expensive process. But if it can track the right metric using the right methods, both the organization and employees can benefit from people analytics.
What did I want to measure?
This self-assessment assignment presented me with a unique opportunity to quantify two of my personality traits to which I attributed a big chunk of my personal successes. Perseverance and Time Management.
Why are these traits important?
I wanted to look at these traits closely because perseverance is something that aids individuals in achieving personal success. Time management is a trait that supposedly helps students to manage their academic success , reduce stress and increase job satisfaction . I believe that these traits tremendous…
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