Essay about My Perspective on the Future of Education

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My Perspective on the Future of Education

The future in education is very interesting as well as vital to me since I plan to be a teacher in the future. Many changes will be made before I enter the field of teaching. Most all of these changes will be positive and will help me to become a better teacher. The future of education will be changed completely with the help of new technology.

Already education has changed thanks to technology. We now see computers in every class. In the future most classes will be totally taught through computers. New programs and software will be available that are interactive with the students as well as informative. Having classes through the internet will open up a large diversity of classes to
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Teachers will be able to focus more on building healthy social skills in their students and teaching them good qualities as a person. This will also make primary education more about interacting with other students since there will not be as many opportunities to do that in a world revolving around computers. Teaching children to work together and have a love of learning will be more emphasized in these first critical years.

New technology will also help individual students be able to learn despite their special needs. Handicapped children in the future will have the same opportunities to education as do their peers. Devices are already being made that will allow deaf people to hear. Other inventions that will be available in the future are speech synthesizers to give mute children a chance to speak as well as new glasses that will let blind people be able to see and also read. With all of these inventions disabled children will be equals with their peers and have no extra obstacles to overcome to be able to achieve the same basic goals as other children their age. Also since these children will be more able to function by themselves they will not require special teacher attention or have to attend a special school that can accommodate them. This will leave teachers with more time for all of the students and will also give disabled children a chance to better develop socially since they will be able to interact with children of
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