My Philosophies Of Education: My Philosophy Of Classroom Management

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My Philosophy of Education (Including Classroom Management) One personal teaching philosophy determines our approach to instruction; therefore, it is essential to have a profound understanding of our own belief system. Ones view of learning and teaching is also affected by the values we believe in. I personally believe that the goal of education should be to encourage students to seek answers to develop their schemas as well as to facilitate their development of knowledge. Aside from academics, I also believe teachers should focus on instilling values in students such as the need for trust, fair play, and the ability to take prospective, also a desire to grow older and have a positive influence on society. While teaching I would like to take all these factors into…show more content…
____________________________________________________ Do I assist them towards development of their learning skills? ___________________________ How have they been mainly instructed in the past? ____________________________________ Was it effective? ________________________________________________________________ Do I vary my instructional methods to teach based on students needs? ____________________ What can I do to improve my instructional strategies? _________________________________ Are my instructional strategies motivational to the students? ___________________________ Do I allow the students to take charge of their learning? ________________________________ Are they scaffolded towards development of their schemas? ____________________________ Do I check for understanding in my students? ________________________________________ Management System: Academic Effective Classroom management includes many strategies. One of the most successful strategies pertains to a collaborative effort between the family members of the student and the teacher. This can be implemented through use of the following. PROGRESS REPORT Date: ______________ Dear Parent or

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