My Philosophy And Philosophy Of Personal Educational Philosophy

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It is true that many educators do not know what their educational philosophy is. However it is imperative for educators and future educators to know their personal educational philosophies so that they can be accountable, explain how they teach, what they are doing and why. My personal Educational philosophy is made up of four components; metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, and logic.
My educational Philosophy Metaphysics (reality) is a combination of realism and idealism, that the mind, spirit, and body are connected and that they should and must work together. God is the father of the universe. He created it for his spirit children who he loves and communicates with on a daily basis. Individuals are spirit sons and daughters that God
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When students are encouraged to tutor their peers and younger students, their own learning is enhanced. Going out into the community to learn about subjects coupled with reading about them in books is a powerful learning tool as well. Once students are in the community and aware of what the community needs, students should be encouraged to take some action or responsibility in planning for a change. I am an advocate of behaviorism. Educators should discourage poor behaviors and encourage appropriate behaviors as well as teach new behaviors. Students are capable and should be involved in creating rules for the classroom. Education should encourage cooperation and teach decision making skills. School should be a place of molding (without forcing) children into good citizens that will contribute to the community in a positive way.
My Educational Philosophy consists of bits and pieces of many of the philosophies because most of the philosophies included components I would not or could not include in my own. None of the philosophies metaphysics matched my own, so I combined the metaphysics of realism and idealism because Idealists believe that the spirit and mind are the only reality, where realists believe that the body or matter is more real than the mind. I believe that the mind and spirit and body are a unit and must work together for the common good. I think that the curriculum of
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