My Philosophy As A Teacher

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Philosophy Paper

Today, I am going to be talking about my motives to become a teacher and the role and jobs of a teacher and student and I will be talking about what goals I want to achieve. I hope my answers to these questions are acceptable, and relate to what they're asking. My motivation for wanting to teach young children was that, I got inspired by my niece and nephew. I love working with little kids. Little kids make things easier sometimes. They listen to you and follow directions. Some younger children also can be more respectful. Another reason why I wanted to teach is because I like helping little children learn new important things that they need to know.
My personal beliefs on education is that, you can succeed at anything you put your mind too. I believe that if you put your mind to what you are doing at that moment, and study really hard, then you will be able to complete the task and succeed at what you are doing. I also believe that education is important, because it is an important aspect in your life. The role/job of teacher is that they are the ones to teach the children. The teachers have to teach things that would be important for the students and will help them in their future. The other role/job is, to educate them. That is the most important thing a teacher has to make happen. The role/job of a student is to get an education, and go to school to learn. If they don’t get an education, then their future won’t be as great. Students have to go
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