My Philosophy At The Nyse Opened

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In 1817, the NYSE opened, making itself a huge part in the US economic system. Going into this game I was a bit nervous because I never had any prior knowledge of stocks, but throughout the game I started to understand this risky business. My philosophy at the beginning of the game was to play it safe, and invest in some commonly known blue chip stocks, such as Google and Disney. As the game progressed, I realized that trading stocks is a tricky thing to do. Since we learned about stocks in class, I had a better understanding of how to approach the game. I realized that there is no way to play it safe, so I started to take more risks and it was paying off. I started to invest in a wide variety of stocks such as Gilead Sciences Inc. and…show more content…
When I bought stock in KMI I purchased 377 shares for $15.30 each, for a total of $5,778.10 including commission. As soon as I realized Kinder Morgan’s potential, I knew I was gonna hold on to it. On January 20th, it took a big hit, but it bounced right back up and has been rising steadily since. KMI stock can now be purchased at the price of $18.55 per share. Kinder Morgan Inc. has a P.E ratio of 184.80, which is fantastic compared to it’s competitors. KMI also has a .10 EPS which is decent compared to others competitors numbers, but is considered low for the industry, which averages an EPS of .54. I was so glad I invested in Kinder Morgan because it taught me a lot about investing and that doing your research really pays off. Another very successful stock I invested in was Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation, their ticker symbol is SWHC. SWHC is a company that manufactures and sells firearms and assists the United States with aerospace service. I first discovered Smith & Wesson when I was scoping out other industries to invest into, so I looked into military supplies and voila, SWHC appeared. After doing some light research I discovered the big role they play in distributing guns to law enforcement and our military. I decided to invest in SWHC because I was really fascinated with all the research they do which got me ready to invest. SWHC is a cyclical stock which makes sense due to the fact that when I bought it the price was low which coordinates
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