My Philosophy Essay

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My Philosophy

A teacher plays a very important role in a child’s life, and that is the main reason I want to be a teacher. I want to be able to inspire, empower and help children to discover their unique learning ability, special interests and qualities. As a teacher I will be able to give students the gift of an education, which will help them advance as adults. I feel that there are many ways to go about teaching and managing a positive learning environment. I want to have a classroom in which students feel personally altered by their experience in my classroom. Progressivism is one major philosophical approach that I plan to use in my classroom, along with an assertive discipline approach.

In my classroom
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Setting up rules the first day of class sets the stage for the rest of the year. Students will know exactly how I expect them to behave. An assertive discipline plan is one that I feel works well. It sets the tone for students to know who is the authority in the room and imposes respect for others. As a teacher I believe that since it is not only my classroom, but the students classroom as well, that letting them be involved and getting their input on rules and standards for the classroom is a constructive way in letting them feel that they are involved and count in their classroom. It will also help me understand what is important to them as students. I hope that these methods will work in having a positive and respectable learning environment for my students and I.

My professional development plans are to become an elementary teacher. I am particularly interested in elementary grades such as first and second. I am interested in these grades because I believe that the first years of school are very vital and play a big role in how students begin to view school. I want to give students an early experience that is encouraging, builds confidence and gives a positive first impression of school. I also want to be involved with after school programs that give students a chance to get some extra one on one help if they feel they need it. I have worked as a mentor for a couple of years and I love to be a positive person in children’s life,
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