My Philosophy : My Educational Philosophy

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It was very challenging for me to write my educational philosophy due to the fact that I never really thought about the kind of teacher I want to become. Though this was a challenging task, I am grateful for the opportunity because figuring out what my philosophy is will help me to understand what kind of teacher I want to be. Looking back at my learning and teaching experiences, I always had strong beliefs in what I want my classroom to look like and how I would go about providing a high quality education for the students I will encounter, but I never thought those beliefs were stem from the different philosophies in education. In previous education classes, I read about the different philosophies in education and I believe that the two philosophies that helped shaped my educational beliefs are essentialism and progressivism. I received most of my education in Jamaica, where teaching styles and practices mirrored that of an essentialist classroom. Now, I do not agree wholeheartedly with the views of an essentialist, especially the fact that the interests of the children are not taken into consideration, but there are certain aspects of this philosophy I will model in my classroom. For instance, I am a strong believer that students should be taught the basics in learning to read, write, speak and compute clearly and logically. They should be taught hard work, respect for authority, and discipline. The reason why I hold this belief dearly is because growing up in Jamaica,
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