My Philosophy : My Personal Philosophy

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My philosophy is to do something I love. I realized that teaching was my passion by experiencing many other things that weren’t. I tried to immerse myself in other topics, such as business but it just did not feel right to me. By pursing education I can do something I love every day. I believe it is very important to have a strong passion and knowledge in the field you choose to follow. From my past experiences, to educate one another, one must have a strong backbone so the students know what they will be learning. Teachers are far to pushed over if you let students do it. I know as a student I witnessed many teachers changing their ways and more importantly values, to help students. My thoughts on that are different. Therefore, I will describe want I would want to see in my classroom. I find progressivism to be my main focus in my philosophy. Schools are one of the most important institutions of society. I believe education shapes our society as a whole because it helps fuel our youth to gain more knowledge for a successful life. Education has quite a few strengths to help an individual obtain the tools they need. Nonetheless, I believe that education not only supplies the knowledge a child needs to be a blossoming adult, but also gives them the skills they need to enter the working world. Schools stress to children how to get work together and use teamwork. Not only that but, the fact you need to be on time. These are skills you will use for the rest of your life in the
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