My Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Classroom Management

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According to Krause, Bouchner & Duchesne (2003), “Classroom management is certainly concerned with behaviour, but it can also be defined more broadly as involving the planning, organization and control of learners, the learning process and the classroom environment to create and maintain an effective learning experience.” In order to teach students effectively, teachers need to portray classroom management skills in the classroom so that there is a functional and optimal learning environment for the students. It is also essential for teachers to implement classroom management in order to meet the necessary requirements of the students, parents, principal and the society. Classroom management is the key component to the teaching and learning…show more content…
My aim for students is to create a safe, comfortable and productive environment which is conducive to learning. Ensuring that students are treated fair and equally is crucial so that the students can trust and respect their teacher. Students should feel a sense of belonging, this will encourage them to be interactive, open minded and willing to learn in and out the classroom. Planning fun, interesting and interactive lessons, by incorporate differentiated instructions as well as the use of technology to help students make deeper connection to their learning process and also to cater for the diverse learners. Also, students should be encouraged to work in groups, pairs or individually, which will help them foster the traits of responsibility, respect and cooperation in the classroom. On the other hand, the requirements of the other stakeholders, who are the parents, principal and the society must be accomplished. In order to meet the needs of the parents, they must be involved in their child’s learning process, in school activities and most importantly be supportive to their students so that they will know that their education is important for them. An effective teacher accomplishes the needs of the principal by ensuring that the students obey the school rules, display good behaviour as well as learning the correct contents in the classroom. Also, students…show more content…
To promote an encouraging learning environment, students ought to learn the rules and procedures, in order to prevent unwanted behaviours during class. Teachers should model the rules and procedure that where created with the help of the students and display a list of rules on the classroom wall. Also each rule and procedure should be a part of both the teacher and students daily routine so students will know what is expected of them every day. If a student breaks one of the rules, it would be suitable for the teacher to sit down with the student individually to discuss the issue and ways in which the problem can be resolved. Frye (1985), believe that effective teachers can prevent all discipline problems by keeping students interested in learning through the use of exciting classroom materials and activities. The potential for problems exists beyond academics. (pp. 3–4) Whether or not teachers want to prevent arousal of behaviours or any other distractions, they should create fun and engaging activities and lesson for their students so they are working responsibly on their task and have no time for
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