My Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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I am a novice teacher who is still in my quest to identify my own personal philosophy of education. My goal as a teacher is to provide students enriching activities that facilitate learning through the in-depth study of a subject that is of interest to them. My current philosophy is a product of the experiences as a learner of the public education system. It most closely aligns itself with Theory of Constructivism by Jerome Bruner. Also, of all the educational philosophies I have researched about, I am most fanscinated by the theories of Critical Pedagogy.

Before digging into my developing philosophy of education, I would like to try to describe what learning means to me though reflecting on my public school experience.

During the early years of my life, I attended a normal primary school in my neighborhood. I learnt a lot of
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This approach is similar to the practice of the Montessori Method and Steiner-Waldorf education. The goal is to provide students the basis to grow in to free, responsible individuals and their unique destinies.
The Constructivist theory of teaching and Critical Pedagogy offers students the ability to be in charge of their own study; and the teacher the free will to be creative and conduct instruction in the way that they find most suitable. In real-life application, it is not hard to approach teaching the Constructivist methods. The theory of Critical Pedagogy, on the other hand, is fairly idealistic and hardly applicable on a large scale. In my teaching, I always try to adapt it my teaching style. For example, in an English communicative class of five students, I can ask the students the topics they want to explore or what aspect of speaking the language they have trouble with to prepare lesson plans and modify teaching
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