My Philosophy : My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Throughout my four years of teaching I have learned that whether I am teaching honors level classes, or resource room classes, one thing always stays true, my personal philosophy of education. Three key components that I find valuable to my mission as a teacher include forming the whole child, making sure every student feels comfortable when they step foot into my classroom, and making sure that I provide the best support that I can for each individual student. In my current role, as a resource room and in class support teacher, I feel that I have more time to truly focus on each student. To help me focus on the students, I have a few valuable objects in my “backpack”, including a passbook, patience, and speakers. The first object in my “backpack” is a school passbook. For students to walk the halls during a class period, they need to have a passbook with them. Instead of having to worry about students wasting time looking for theirs, I have one too so that I can quickly sign it and have the students go where they need to go in a timely fashion. Also, I am lucky enough to work at a school that has an office called the SOURCE. The SOURCE has four full time employees who offer individual and group counseling, substance abuse counseling, conflict resolution, and so much more. They always have snacks and bottles of water on hand for students as well. If I find that a student is always hungry in class from not being fed at home, or the student is upset to a point that I cannot
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