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My Personal Philosophy My whole life I have wanted to teach. Ever since watching my kindergarten teacher write on the chalk board, create fun activities, and grade papers I knew I wanted to teach. My motives have changed since that time in my life. I want to teach because it brings me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I know I am helping another person grow intellectually and as a person. Whether it 's inside or outside of the classroom, I will try my best to help my students succeed. I plan on teaching Mathematics and Physics. In both of these classes, not only will I explain how to do something but I will also explain the why behind it. I then will relate it to the real world if possible. This will provide my students for a better understanding for the material. This will help my students retain the information for the long term boosting their test scores and provide a platform for higher learning. I will mix up my methods of teaching incorporating technology. I believe technology is important to the class room. For example, if I feel like my class didn 't understand the material I presented to them that day, I would create a video and post it online. Videos allow students to pause, rewind, and fast forward. All students learn at different paces and videos will let them have time to review old material before continuing the video or fast forward to the parts they don 't understand. I also plan on creating a website which will include mine and other
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