My Philosophy : My Teaching Philosophy

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My Teaching Philosophy

Since Koreans started to learn English, thousands of people have struggled to master the language. Parents currently invest a lot of money and their children spend enormous amounts of time studying English as government suggests new language policies. However, proper verification and investigation of those policies have not been done yet and the outlet is really not promising (Suh, 2007). Most Korean students study English for tests. The purpose of English is so focused on tests that the situation makes the language classroom very uncomfortable and tense. This situation may also be caused by public schools? preferred method of teaching the grammar-translation method (GTM). Students are given lists of vocabulary terns and are also encouraged to learn grammatical rules, as teachers provide translation activities for their classes instead of practical oral proficiency practice (Richards and Rodgers, 2001). With the pressure of tests and teacher-centered lectures, many students lose interest in learning the English language or become stressed out about it. Most of all, some teachers and educators forgot to figure out why students learn the language.
I want to use a more inspirational approach to teaching because motivations will affect such things as anxiety, or attitude or willingness to try new learning strategies (Hedge, 2000). Being a professional teacher includes providing good direction and advice to students on how to learn a language. Good
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