My Philosophy Of A Nurse

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My Philosophy of a Nurse My philosophy of a nurse is described by essence of nursing, caring, the science, the art, and the ethical behaviors consideration to every patient. To me nursing is about empathy and attempting to comprehend patients on all emotional, physical, and mental status. Building up a philosophy of nursing and patient care is crucial to the improvement of each competent nurse. This paper evaluates on topics related to my philosophy of a nurse which I plan on to pursue my nursing career in the future. In the next paragraph I will start of by writing about the science of nursing. Science The science of nursing is a blend of implementation, skills, knowledge, and states of mind as indicated by Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing. It presents depictions of nursing spotlight on the fast development of exploratory revelations being made in medicine and technology. Dealing with science, the scientific development in nursing gives a reasonable guide to the nurses that offer them some assistance with improving the relationship with and tend to the general population. A wide scope of scholastic and clinical experience is required to become an experience nurse. Likewise, nurses are in charge of having knowledge and abilities to think critically, clinical choice making, and evidence- based practice (Palos 2014). Also, nurse must understand medical terms and procedures to be a suitable nurse. Nurses must see how to utilize these aptitudes to accomplish ideal results.
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