My Philosophy Of Art

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“And the ones who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”-Friedrich Nietzsche. This is something i follow because everyone is different and people are judged for being who they are. I believe that they should be free to do what they please because it is harming no one.With everyone being free and different we all have ways and things that define us. Any one should have to opportunity to define themselves anyway they would like just like what defines me is my hair, my art, and my love for animals. I have some stories that go well with the lesson at the end of each day. everything that I have listed that defines me is a part of me that I never want to lose.

My art is a very big part of me. When I was younger I was going through some hard times and the only way I felt comfortable explaining myself was to draw and color. In middle school, I was always so determined to do my best because I longed for people to admire my artwork and see how much of a nice person I was. In my art class my favorite thing to use was a wide spread of colors in charcoal. I worked very hard with the tools that my art teacher Supplied me with. When I was done, my teacher sent it off into a competition with a lot of other schools, including ours. Three weeks later she tells me that I won and that I will be meeting the delegate of our state. When I went there they had a lot of art displayed from other very educated And talented artists.My artwork from
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