My Philosophy Of Classroom Management

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A constantly changing and developing classroom management plan would be the cornerstone of my very own classroom philosophy. Without a classroom that is disciplined and organized, learning is nearly impossible. In the classroom, I need to maximize opportunities for students’ learning; constantly asking myself simple questions about my students learning and their behaviors will ensure that I am interacting with all of my students. This will give me a deeper understanding of one’s background socially, economically, and culturally. If I am able to praise my students for their good behaviors, I will allow myself to praise my own work even if it shows my abilities and my everyday obstacles and struggles. There is no better feeling…show more content…
Their age makes it harder to focus for longer periods of time, which causes them to be disruptive to other students when they can’t sit still. Students need to have responsibility in the classroom because it is a community of learning; not one teaching and 30 people learning. I believe teachers need the respect of their students. To gain respect one must mind her own behavior not only in the classroom but also in the community. One way to gain mutual respect is to immediately become involved in the students life so the student doesn’t feel like they aren 't welcomed. Once we get involved in the students’ life and start collaborating with them and their parents/guardians, we are able to discover more about their background and learning style. It is important that we are considerate of various economic, social, cultural and religious barriers. I need to be prepared for every class and provide lessons that are free from any bias’ and custom to all the students learning needs. I believe that all teachers want to discipline their students rather than manage them. If we manage our students we are acting as the head person who has all control over them. If we discipline our students, we are instructing them on how to obey rules and follow certain behaviors and mannerisms that push towards a coach and teacher figure. My students should be able to establish and loving community that is both encouraging and rigorous. I am here to
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