My Philosophy Of Classroom Management

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Philosophy of Classroom Management As a teacher, it is my responsibility to create a well-managed classroom to maximize opportunities for student learning. Having a well-articulated classroom management plan is crucial for students and teachers. This is evident when children are working, focused, cooperative and respect each other, exhibit self-discipline, and stay on task (Wong, H. and Wong R., 2009, p. 84). As I teach, I will rely on my faith and I will lead by Jesus’s examples. The strategies that I use in my classroom are organization, managing student behaviors and expectations, creating a classroom environment for learning, and student responsibility. As an educator of over twenty years, I still love to learn how to teach more…show more content…
and Wong R., 2009, p. 262). The classroom will also be well organized to create child independence. Shelves will be labeled with pictures and words so children know where to put things. Materials will be at the children’s level for easy access. I believe managing student behavior and expectations needs to start on day one. To do this, clear expectations will be posted in the classroom. I believe that guidance and discipline techniques include positive guidance, modeling positive behavior, consequences, and redirecting misbehavior. I will use a rainbow chart as a visual of student behaviors. The children will be praised when they show desired behaviors. The Bible tells us that discipline is rooted in love in Proverbs 13:24. “Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.” Children will have consequences for making choices that don’t follow the expectations. These will be consistent with all teachers and students. Parents will be shown the classroom expectations at the beginning of the year. Weekly light sheets will also come home to keep them informed. I will also communicate to parents frequently during the week when needed about behaviors. I believe to maintain a positive classroom environment for learning, strategies need to be in place. Children will feel welcomed and comfortable from loving
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