My Philosophy Of Education As An Educator

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My philosophy of education is aligned Introduction
To develop as an educator it is essential that I understand my personal developing philosophy of education. This philosophy is one that has been influenced by reflection on and learning from prior experiences, and will continue to develop throughout my career as an educator. At this point in time I believe that the purpose of education in this framework is to challenge children, equipping them with the knowledge and understandings required to be successful in modern society, by creating an opportunity for them to learn in their own way. The aim of education is to develop a well-rounded person, providing them with the knowledge needed to ensure that they have a strong foundation for learning and evolving in all aspects of their life. I also believe through experiences and investigation that students will continue to move forward in their education and emotional development. It is my belief that the teacher is a guide in the class environment; facilitating the students learning encouraging them to ascertain an understanding. When doing this the teacher must acknowledge that each student is an individual. The role of the learner is to understand and appreciate themselves and others, being active participants in the learning process. I believe that a dialogical teaching method is the best approach to accomplish these aims and roles. Justification of my personal philosophy will be provided, with references to five different…
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