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My Philosophy Of Education I have come to believe over the past year as a Professional Development School intern that one method or one teaching style limits the ability of the teacher and the students to learn effectively in the classroom. I believe that learning is a fluid activity and therefore changes constantly within the classroom community. I believe that we all are constructs of our past experiences and that these experiences influence the way we perform in our lives. The education of students cannot be dependent on a particular style of teaching or learning because we are all different. Students are diverse learners and process learning in a variety of different ways. Reaching these students with one learning style, I…show more content…
As I began to explore this new challenge before me, I went to each class with enthusiasm and completed all the required work that was assigned to me, participated in class discussions about literature, and written so many papers that I felt my whole world revolved around books, reams of paper, and a computer screen. My conception of a classroom community was based on my previous experiences in an educational setting. I did what was expected of me or what I had perceived was the “right thing” to do. My limited exposure to other educational settings limited my ability to see any other classroom community. My vision of education was teacher-centered with limited student interaction. The classroom community was orderly, quiet, and without commotion. This preconceived idea was only solidified as I began my graduate studies. The English classrooms I entered at this level mirrored my previous educational settings. The classes were lecture centered and the students took copious notes and wrote papers in hopes of getting the good grade. I preferred this setting because it was comfortable for me but did offer the opportunity for discussions and generating ideas about literature. When I entered the PDS program in the fall of 2000 I had no idea what this program was really about except the word “Ambiguity” was used almost daily and I was to think of myself as a learner,

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