My Philosophy Of Education It Is Student Centered

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My philosophy of education it is student centered, where teachers are facilitators contributing to optimize student’s potential. Educators should be equipped to serve, prepare, and help students to build a promising future full of opportunities. My vision as an educator is to optimize human potential. As an educator, I believe that students have the potential to learn, to apply in real life experiences what they have learned, and to serve equitably a diverse world. All students should have the access to an outstanding and excellent education where new challenges and higher expectations are embedded in the educational process. Areas such as intellect, emotions, and even physical are molded by an educator. Teachers are like potters; students are like vessels. Potters can construct a vessel or destroy it in the process. There is a lot of responsibility on teachers’ shoulders. Teachers need to guide and help students to be successful academically. Through education lives are transformed, knowledge is created, and students become future professionals to serve the world. Second language acquisition is a challenging process for any person. It requires time in order to master a second language. First language acquisition comes naturally without the person having to make a big effort in order to communicate with others. Teachers need to be sensitive to the student community. Every year I receive English Language Learners who struggle due to the language barrier. For some of them the
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