My Philosophy Of Leadership. In Nearly All The Activities

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My Philosophy of Leadership
In nearly all the activities we engage in, and the organizations we are incorporated to there are leaders whether at the top most level or the junior levels. The prime purpose of their existence is to offer guidance and control over certain things. However, it has been argued that not everyone can become a leader. This is because there are certain traits believed to be existent in someone that makes them qualify for the leadership post. Some have however disagreed with this concept saying that anyone suits to become a leader if though they are given the platform.
Referencing from our studies, we get to encode the fact that leadership is more of a duty than just a post. Regardless of leadership denoted in our
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With this kind of leadership experience motivated by Barrack Obama, many leaders have been able to change their mindset about leadership where they always thought that being a leader relates to being a servant.
Through the experience of leaders being servant leaders and not master leaders, the output is usually great as people work in harmony with one another giving the best performance. In short with participative theory, a desirable leadership is bound to transpire as evaluate in Obama’s political leadership experience that yields positive outcomes. Therefore, more leaders should be encouraged to adapt to this form of leadership. Far from the guidance and controlling the particular mass, a leader ought to have a vision which influences the prosperity of their leadership (Chin, 2010).
In leadership, the vision has been accepted and defined as the foresight of the organization or rather still the future of the people you are leading. It might be to increase the salaries of the people, to make more summits and relations with the outside world amongst others. Nonetheless, it still reminds that vision is an important notion and has to be considered by every leader. Basing our arguments on the Obama’s leadership strategy, we get to familiarize ourselves with his mission for America which was a change for a better America through policies such as education for all and
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