My Philosophy Of Learning Analysis

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My philosophy of learning has changed significantly since I came to the college. And it is kinda embarrassed to share with you the fact that I was not really know how to properly use internet to do the data researches before. Further, I had a pretty poor time management skill, and not really good at act socialize, and I didn't know how to communicate, negotiate, collaborate with team, and how to present myself in front of people which are all typical necessary skills that all college student should possess , but I didn't have these skills in three years ago. It has a lot to do with my personality, I took the personality assessment test in my senior year at my high school, the result of test identifies myself as a person that possesses rarely …show more content…

However, my philosophy of learning has changed a lot in these three years of college life, because I have been taught all these valuable skills by all professors either from my previous campus the John Jay College or Buffalo University, who forced me to work with team that gave me a chance to approached new people to learned how to deal with all the kind of negative arrogant teammates to make sure everyone have a happy ending in the end. Looking back now, I think I struggled so much with this learning processing was because I was always overthinking, hesitating, predicting and never actually done something …show more content…

I believe the global digital citizens is pretty similar to the digital citizen, but the former takes more responsibility, because global digital citizen seems to be the guidant of earth that participates in and contributes to the world as whole by utilize the technologies to foster development of community through its connection and compassion. As a learner in the college, the virtual world provides a platform for me to all sorts of materials I need for my classes. By using the Internet, I can have access to the most recent data to have better on my confused lecture Therefore, virtual world makes my life easier as a college

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