My Philosophy Of Math Education

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Matthew Sanjurjo Philosophy of Education This is my philosophy of math education as a teacher candidate in the Cal State Fullerton Credential program. My beliefs are based on my studies I have done in the program and my experience I have had before and during the program. Ultimately I believe that an educator has to be a life-long learner and that this philosophy of mine will take different forms once I begin to teach on my own. I look forward to the future two reasons, applying my philosophy as it is right now and to adjusting my philosophy based on experience over time. Teaching The base for my teaching style and philosophy is rooted in building positive mental attitudes in my students and showing them the strength of self discovery in mathematics. The role of a teacher is complex and diverse. I feel that having a solid background knowledge of mathematics needs to be accompanied by good instructional skills in teaching, promoting, and assisting for students ' effective learning. Teachers are the guides and facilitators of knowledge. They should motivate students to actively examine and extend their thinking, create a conversational environment in which students share and construct their own knowledge, design instructions that enable students to learn by discovering, align the curriculum according to standards and students ' assessment, and apply technology to improve teaching and learning. When all of these aspects are integrated into the class the students
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