My Philosophy Of Nursing Education

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My philosophy of nursing education develops out of my philosophy of nursing. They are woven together as I am both a nurse and educator. I don 't desire to be one without the other; and, I trust the two together are much more grounded than either one alone. My philosophy of nursing is based off the four concepts of nursing. The four concepts of nursing are person, health, nursing, and environment. My own philosophy of teaching is a result of numerous impacts including background, guideline, a merging of the rationalities of past educators and an inherent feeling of what is right. After taking this teaching and learning course my philosophy of nursing education has change to facilitate learning, facilitate learning development and socialization, and implement evidence base assessment and evaluation strategies.
To begin, facilitating learning shows respect for the learners. I believe learners are people who bring an extraordinary set of necessities and capacities to the classroom and that they ought to be urged to end up in charge of their own adapting, particularly as they develop. I believe that an educator 's essential part is that of a facilitator of learning, making open doors for realizing which enhance the odds of students achievement. I believe that the learning process is multifaceted, unique to every student, yet containing binding together strings of reason in tending to the student as a whole person. I believe the nursing curriculum is a set of criteria designed,
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