My Philosophy Of Nursing : Holistic Care For Individuals

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My philosophy of nursing I believe that nursing is about providing holistic care for individuals by helping them achieve their optimal biopsychosocial spiritual wellness and enhancing their quality of life. I feel that the following are essential in facilitating this process (1) engaging in competent evidence-based practice, (2) being an advocate for patients, and (3) engaging in relational practice. Evidence-based practice allows nursing roles to evolve alongside scientific advancement in order to provide increasingly safe and competent care. It also informs sound critical thinking and clinical decision making for quality care. When nurses are advocates for patients, patients can preserve their rights for quality care even when they may not be able to speak for themselves. Through advocacy, nurses can preserve the autonomy of their patients to make informed decisions and assist their patients in finding a sense of empowerment. To effectively meet the individual needs of patients and restore health, nurses must work with patients toward a common goal through relational practice. I view the ability to attend to the suffering of others as an integral component of nursing because it assists in the formation of therapeutic relationships with patients. This can remove power barriers and facilitate a client-centered care approach in which the needs of the patient and family determine the course of care. I believe that these three elements are core aspects of nursing in order to
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