My Philosophy Of Nursing

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Abstract Philosophy of Nursing is the perspective and ethical idea a nurse has about his or her profession and it is the base a person develops her or his career and concept of care. A metaparadigm for nursing involve the set of concepts that define the discipline of nursing for a professional. A philosophy of nursing includes the nurse’s values and ethics regarding the patients care and treatment and it is an important aspect that can benefit or affect the patient’s quality of care. My personal philosophy includes excellent care and safety. This aspects are really important due to this is the base that can help patients to improve their health and recover as well as prevent any medical error.…show more content…
Nursing is a profession that should be guided all the time by responsibility and sense of excellent care. Caring is a complicated process that involves ethical and a moral obligation in order to preserve the patients’ rights and dignity. An outstanding Advance Practice Nurses use critical thinking and clinical judgment to provide evidence-based care for patients and families, in order to give the best care to ensure the patients’ health recovery and safety. To reach excellence in nursing is important the commitment, caring, compassion and patients safety to ensure an adequate patient healthcare provider relationship and health recovery. Another part of the metaparadigm of nurse is health. Health is the synthesis of wellness and illness and depends on the person perception of physical, social and psychological aspects. Patients’ health involves a lot of factor, from physical and genetic until patients’ intellectual and spiritual wellness. Health depends a lot on the sense of caring and feeling cared for, which is why the patient environment plays an important factor. All this aspects are important to be considered by the Advance Practice Nurse in order to work to improve patient’s health. A sense of compassion, the perception of a good communications and interest from the health care provider to give the best care for the patient is essential for the patient to improve his or her health. Advance Practice Nurse need to listen and understands the
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