My Philosophy Of Nursing Philosophy

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My philosophy of nursing My own nursing philosophy arises from my Knowledge as a nurse, personal beliefs and experiences, I have gathered throughout the years from my interactions with diverse patient population and other healthcare professionals, while working in different setting as a nursing in the health care. This also addresses nurse 's ethics, goal and values as it relates to my nursing practice. My Nursing Philosophy is based on five components: nursing, Person, environment, holistic care and health. Person: One of the central concept in nursing care is person or human being (McEwen and Wills 2007). My nursing philosophy focused on treating each person as a unique individual that deserves to be valued and treated with respect, dignity, compassion. Also deserves excellent service, regardless of their socio-economic status, age, religious preference, gender, spiritual condition, sexual orientation, physical condition and race. Patient should be empowered as a member of a support system, they deserved to be involved, educated and informed in all aspect their health care. Nursing attitude towards a person can indirectly or directly affect a person in your care. Patient-centered care is also very important in nursing care, each nurse should provide care that is focused on the expectation, aspiration and needs of each individual patient rather than the needs of the professionals or her agency. My ability to perceive each patient as unique, has helped enhance my
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