My Philosophy Of Nursing Practice

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PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING 2 My Philosophy of Nursing Practice: What Does Nursing Mean to Me?

“Why do you want to be a nurse?” A question that has been asked more times than can

counted on fingers. As a nursing student, you are encouraged to discover why nursing spoke to

you. There is the cliche, inner desire of wanting to help people of course, however, there is more

to it than just that. As a nurse, you are challenged every day and pushed beyond your limits to

new heights. You are family when there is none, a friend when someone needs a shoulder to lean

on, and a teacher where education is lacking. Nursing makes you look deep within yourself and

discover characteristics you did not know you had. It requires you to be tough enough to face

anything thrown your way, yet sympathetic enough to be understanding of it. There is so much

diversity and learning opportunities in nursing that it never fails to keeps you on your toes. You

never know what to expect, but in a way that keeps it exciting and new. Personally, the question

is not so much, “Why do you want to be a nurse?” But instead, “How could you not want to be a


Another question that often arises is, “How do you become a successful nurse?” Although

there are many ways to do so, a good start is focusing in on the metaparadigm concept and

incorporating it into your work. The metaparadigm contains 4 main components: Person, Health,

Nursing, and Environment.


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