My Philosophy Of Performance Management

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1. What is your performance management philosophy? What are you trying to accomplish by performance managing employees?
Our performance management philosophy is to empower those whom we are working with. Giving them the opportunities to achieve their goals and improve the success of the team.We accomplish this by properly prepare employees in their current roles by setting expectations, utilizing HRM strategies to maximize success, and to evaluate overall output and productivity. It is our goal to trust those on our team and build upon each other's strengths to improve job performance.
2. Do you need to take any action on Angel’s information? If yes, what action do you recommend? (This is an open and broad question on purpose, and you should
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It is unacceptable for any employee to be unprofessional especially in front of customers. I would take this situation very seriously because it could be directly affecting the overall productivity of the Money Unit. Alothough, being the primary decision maker, if possible I would not want to be the individual conducting the investigation. As a manager, I would want to first contact my HRP and inform them of the complaint. In most organizations, there are rules that dictate how HR investigations are conducted. Following the guidance provided by the HRP an investigation into the complaint would need to take place. I would make sure to speak with the director of the Money Unit to inform them of the actions that are taking place. As an employee of the organization, it is Josie's right to know that a complaint has been filed against her. This would be delivered to her in writting for documentation purposes by the Money Unit director. Lastly, I would prepare a written summation of the complaint I received requesting an investigation. Due to the nature of the complaint it may be a HRP that conducts the investigation or it could be delegated to someone…show more content…
Ultimately it would be Josie chose whether or not she complied but she would do so fully understanding the consequences of her choices. I would ensure that Angel's name remains confidential throughout the process. As the investigation into the complaints continued, I would make sure that Angel feels that her work environment has not been compromised. If that was the case however, I would work with the director and human resources to figure out the best course of
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