My Philosophy Of Philosophy

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Philosophy is often seen as a waste of time, because according to Jaspers, “in philosophy there is no generally accepted, definitive knowledge”. This means that some people do not have the comfort of having something that is purely objective and defined. Therefore, it is easy to critique philosophy as something that is useless to learn. How can something that has no definitive knowledge be beneficial to humans and society as a whole? However, there are actually many ways in which Philosophy can be extremely useful in terms of application to our lives. The act of philosophizing is an inescapable part of human existence. Almost everyone has pondered on essentially philosophic questions such as: "What is my purpose in life?" "Is there an afterlife?" and…show more content…
This facet of philosophy is important for me, because I believe that looking at oneself from the standpoint of another is crucial in assessing what one should change about himself in order to become better functioning members of society. This is important, as it is some sort of reality check, to make sure that you are still in tune with the world around you. Philosophizing helps man see through the veil of conventional beliefs and helps man achieve awareness about himself that he has lost when he stopped asking essentially philosophical questions. Therefore, Philosophy is important in a way that it gives us a tendency to discourse within ourselves and dissect our own experiences to keep us in tune with the world around us while maintaining a sense of being and what our own identity is. Philosophy is something that is done, because it is through experiences and our senses that we gain knowledge. Knowledge is our communication with what is in the world and how we understand it. This leads to self-awareness and
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