My Philosophy Of Respect And Communication In Education

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I have been in education system more than 15 years; according to my experience, I would say my philosophy of leadership is respect and communication I believe that works everywhere. I think communication and respect are the solvents of all problems. I want to explain why respect and communication are very imperative for me. First, everybody knows that communicate and respect is basically a matter of talking and listening. I do believe that communicate and respect is a crucial part of all organization. Without this skill, a leader is disadvantaged in a friendly relationship with staff. Without being able to express themselves and listen to others, they cannot a success and cannot build a collaborative work environment.…show more content…
Short of the vision, the school cannot go to its well-defined goals. The principal should know their school goals .As well; they explain the goals to their teams. In contrast, if your employees do not know school goals and their responsibilities to achieve them, they will worry about their future .All staff should know what our school goals are and what my role is in that institute. Everybody is conscious of their responsibility. They feel a part of the school
• Organized and Ready I am sure of that real leaders should be prepared on the top of the priority list and physically for not scheduled happenings but rather likewise sudden circumstances. This needs an enormous effort. To get that going, principal, once in a while, work harder than ordinary. They should acknowledge previously that they will work more than anybody in the building.
• Noticeable, in the field My philosophy of Leadership is that leader continuously ought to be in the field. Students need to see the principal in the hallway, cafeteria. Educators supposed to see him visiting their classes. The leader shouldn’t be sitting in the office busy with emails and
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