My Philosophy Of Teaching And Learning

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My Philosophy of Teaching and Learning In regard to how I teach, I want students to discover facts, not just learn them by rote. Information Systems is an ideal field for such a teaching strategy. I live by the quote, “All things are common sense if taught well.” I think in my subject this is especially true. I work to be successful at teaching students how to discover information, they will have a more effective way of absorbing the background data and looking at new information when it is presented. I find ways to simplify difficult material in a manner that is usable and easy to remember. I believe that students can be excited about learning. I like to bring in examples of how the information that they are learning can play a part in the students’ lives. I want to get my students more involved in the teaching and learning process. I feel that there will always be a benefit to learning how to teach. Therefore, I intend to give students more opportunities to teach their fellow students the information that they are learning in my classes. Currently, I have been able to provide teaching opportunities in budgeting and finances at a local high school and a local middle school. I feel it is important to understand the skill or knowledge level that the students are bringing into the classroom. Due to my interest in utilizing current best practices I stay in contact with professionals in the field to ensure what is taught is important. I believe it is important for
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