My Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy My philosophy of education is founded on the core principle that all children should have equal access to a quality education that will prepare them for higher education and to be contributing members of society. Schools were founded on the primary principle of teaching values to students as well as educating them academically. While values have been removed from the curriculum, I still believe much of what we do as teachers is instilling values in our students. As educators, while there are many elements we do not have control over we can control our perspective, belief in our students’ abilities, rapport with our students, classroom management, collaboration and our role in the community. Perspective I began to understand the impact of perspective when reading Linda Dillow’s book on contentment. Dillow shared how her experience as a missionary taught her “our thought life – not our friends, husband, children, job or anything else – determines our contentment” (Dillow, 1998, p. 32). A person’s perspective determines far more than just how they think about their life. It affects their attitude and the way they share their view of things with others. In my opinion, perspective is one of the most important areas in a teacher’s life because they share their perspective with their students. As teachers, there are many outside factors that we have no control over. Many factors have the ability to change throughout a school year, for example; classroom sizes,
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