My Philosophy Of The Medical Field

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My road to medicine started when I had an excellent score in the Jordanian General Secondary Education Certificate Examination. Following two months of thorough thinking, I chose the to go to the medical field because of belief that happiness is best achieved by relieving the suffering of others, and physicians have a primary role in making others live better and healthier. During my 6 years of medical school, I achieved a tremendous knowledge in different specialties and felt the joy of exploring the secrets of life through human bodies.

After my graduation I completed a year of internship in Zarqa Governmental Hospital in Zarqa, Jordan. Thereafter, I participated in a pediatric residency program in Jordan University Hospital for four years. I passed the Jordanian as well as the Arab Boards in General Pediatrics from the first time. At that point, I felt that I have to learn more about the latest maneuvers in diagnosing and treating children with cardiac disorders and to reach the top levels in pediatric cardiology through sub-specialty. I was so excited when I had the opportunity to start my pediatric cardiology training at Rush University Medical Center for nearly two years. During that period, I realized the need re-explore the pediatric field in a different approach and to have a new insight through training in the US. Moreover, the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) required repeating my pediatric residency in an accredited program before I can sit for the

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